Pitch deck sharing and invite-only investor networking program

If you are a startup / scaleup, looking for an investor, you will have the opportunity to share your pitch deck with our investor guests. If any (or more) of them are interested, you will get an exclusive invitation to our investor networking program where you can connect and make an impact – in person, in an informal atmosphere.

This opportunity is available for startup / scaleup attendees only!

How to apply?

  1. Please indicate your intention during the registration and ticket purchase phase
  2. After you successfully completed your ticket purchase process, please upload your pitch deck below. You’ll need your individual ID of ticket purchase transaction which you can find e.g. in your confirmation e-mail.
  3. Your pitch deck should be no longer than max. 5-15 slides. No one pagers are accepted!
  4. Please make sure your upload will be fully completed until 10 September latest
  5. All pitch decks uploaded with valid purchase transaction ID will be shared with the investor guests right after the upload deadline expired. Investors have the opportunity to screen all the decks and select those projects they are interested in. We can’t guarantee that all the investors will check all the pitch decks and select at least one of them, either. Thank you for your understanding!
  6. We will contact you in e-mail a few days before the event if your pitch deck raised interest, and come up with your personal invitation to the invite-only investor networking program
  7. Please note: there will be no formal 1-on-1 meeting arrangements!